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Jewellery is priceless and has sentimental values that are carried for generations to come. To preserve these priceless     icons of love and beauty, the following measures can be observed.

Basic Jewellery

Store every jewellery piece separately from the other so that the gold plating are not scratched in impact with one             another.
Avoid contact of jewellery with chlorinated water or any other such chemicals that are found in swimming pools or       household cleaners. Karat gold and sterling silver can get discolored with contact to such liquids.


Cultured pearls being very soft can be easily scratched. Pearls are to be wrapped in a soft cloth to avoid contact with       metal or other hard substances. Cultured pearls are part water and maintaining that moisture is vital to its stability.
Avoid exposure of pearls to heat as this would lead to evaporation, discoloring and cracks. Pearls are always to be   stored in cool moist surroundings.
Wipe pearls with a soft clean cloth after wearing, to preserve its luster.
Avoid exposure of pearls to any chemical substances including perfume, hair spray, cosmetic products etc.