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The diversity of Indian culture reflects in Indian handicrafts.From centuries handicrafts have been source of income of  rural population.These craftsmen take great pride in their work,continuing the preservation of their heritage.To carry on this legacy Nativsouls brings to you the beautiful culture of India at your doorsteps.

Our Expertise

We deal with variety of handicrafts covering major portion of India.Talking about crafts we have Jute bags,Copper wares,Terracotta works of Pokhran(Jaisalmer),Molela(Udaipur), Lucknow,ISKCON inspired works of Varanasi,Mathura,Vrindavan ,Stone works of Rajasthan,Wood carvings and Bamboo works of West Bengal,Tripura and Assam,Kachchh handicrafts of Gujrat and the list goes on.

How We Do It

Nativsouls covers the majority of Indian handicrafts focusing on the fact crafts being taken from village and tribal artisans in their pure native form.Although it involves some hardship but we at Nativsouls believe our customer deserves the best and hence cover extra miles for you.